7th Grade Science

Boerne Middle School North
7th Grade Science

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Course Description:

7th Grade science integrates all disciplines of science (life, earth, chemistry, physics) and their interaction. The main focus will be life science.

Supplies Needed:

  • One 1 inch binder
  • Two dividers for notebook; 1st tab “Science Papers” 2nd tab “Science Journal
  • Notebook paper
  • Pen and pencil
  • Highlighters 


  • Students will receive a hard copy of the textbook that will be kept in the classroom. At any time, students may take the book home to study but they must bring it back the following class period. Students may also access the textbook online. Select this link to access the online textbook.
  • Select this link for online textbook instructions.
  • Find copies of handouts, presentations and resource information on this website.

Grading Scale:

  • Tests 40% Daily/HW 35%, Labs 25%.

Course Overview:

1st Nine Weeks (1st Semester) 3rd Nine Weeks (2nd Semester)
Lab Safety Human Body Systems
Scientific Method
Reproduction & Genetics
2nd Nine Weeks (1st Semester) 4th Nine Weeks (2nd Semester)
Diversity of Living Things Worth the Wait (Sex Ed)
Living Systems (Energy, Ecosystems) Earth’s Changing Surface
Living in Space
Robotics (STEM)

 Click course-syllabus7th-2016-17 of the syllabus